To make navigation on this website easier and morelogical, we use cookies. Cookies are small data files that the webserver delivers to the user’s navigation device. Its main purpose is to allow our users to use our services. Furthermore, the information that is generated through the use of cookies helps us provide a more complete and practical navigation experience. It allows us to understand how to improve our pages and the technical infrastructure. Our site doesn’t produce profiling cookies, in other words, cookies that are aimed at creating profiles related to the user that could be used for promotional activities based on the surfing behavior that the client performs online. Our site can also contain links, services, images, or multimedia components of third parties. These can generate cookies on their own account which we can’t control directly. By continuing to browse on the website you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

The cookies we use

Technical cookies

The only goal of this type of cookies is to guarantee the online transmission of the communication between the user and the site. This is only done in the minimum necessary way in order to provide the service we offer as complete and in the best quality conditions as possible. The data correlated to the cookies that are generated directly by our site are situated in Italian territory and are compatible with the localization of the servers of our hosting service provider. The data correlated to the cookies are only managed within the site and are not given to third parties. In particular, the technical cookies that are managed by our site, which can be managed like single information units (more cookies) or gathered data (a single cookie), have been divided into three main types of use:

Strictly indispensable cookies for the generation of the pagesof the website

These cookies are essential for being able to move around the website and to fully use its functions. For example, for accessing areas dedicated to registered users, registration on the website, logging in, using possible digital shopping carts and related online forms, etc. Without these cookies, some necessary services, like the simple visualization of a page, cannot be provided.

Cookies for the analysis and the management of the site’s performance

These cookies collect information about how users use a website. For example, it tells us what the most visited pages are and whether page error messages have been generated. These cookies don’t collect information that identifies a visitor. All the information collected through these cookies isgathered together and therefore anonymous. The goal is to improve the operation of a website and the visitor’s navigation experience.

Cookies for management and functionality analysis

This type of cookies allows the site to remember users’ navigation choices on the website to provide advanced personalized functionality. For example: they can be used to remember the changes made to a text, font and other parts of pages, where applicable. They can also be used to provide services requested by the visitor like watching videos or reading comments on a blog. The collected information by these types of cookies has been made anonymous and is not able to monitor your navigation activities on other websites.

Selezioni Domus Firenze s.a.s.'s Cookies
Service Name Use PHPSESSID The cookie PHPSESSID contains the reference to a memorized session on the web server. It’s necessary for PHP to identify a user’s single session and no personal information is memorized in this cookie. acceptance_cookies This is simply used to allow usersto see and accept the cookie policy

Cookies and services of third parties

Services and links to third parties are to be found on the website. For example the YouTube and Facebook buttons can possibly put cookies on the electronic device that’s being used when clicked on. We inform you that the cookie policy doesn’t apply to the links to third party websites that are to be found on this website. We therefore advise you to read the privacy policy that is to be found on the other websites that can be visited by clicking on the following links. For more information, please read the following paragraphs about the links to the websites, or to textual services, images or multimedia components of third parties present on this website. We wish to highlight that, in the role of site editor, our firm doesn’t receive any kind of information from the providers or suppliers of third party services, related to data that could possibly be retrieved by them. In some cases only gathered, and thus anonymous, statistics will be supplied needed for the assessment of third party services that we have bought.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics / Google Webmaster Tools, aweb analysis service supplied by Google, Inc. (“Google”). The components of Google Analytics, inserted into our website, can use “cookies” that are generated directly by Google’s servers and their partners’ servers. In the role of editor we’re not able to supply an adequate policy, this is why we recommend you to visit the following link for the provider’s/service supplier’s cookie policy // Google Inc. puts a plugin at disposal for some browsers that impede the tracking of cookies of the Google Analytics service. For more information visit this link:

These cookies are identifiable with the following names: _utma,_utmb, _utmc, _utmz

Google Maps

This site uses some services and/or components of Google Maps (, in particular the use of geographical maps and local search services, provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”) with its headquarters in Mountain View, CA (USA), 94043, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway. These components can use “cookies” that are generated directly from the server of Google Maps. In the role of editor we’re not able to provide an adequate policy, this is why we recommend you to visit the following link for the provider’s/service supplier’s cookie policy:

Buttons and social media widgets of GooglePlus

The website also includes functions of provider Google inc, in particular the +1 button and the social media widgets of Google +. These are services that allow interaction with the social network Google +, provided by Google Inc.These components can use “cookies” that are generated directly by the servers of Google Inc. and its partners. In the role of editor we’re not able to provide an adequate policy, this is why we recommend you to visit the following link for the provider’s/service supplier’s cookie policy: //

Refusing consent: disabling cookies

At this moment it’s not possible to selectively disable our technical cookies. It is however possible to deactivate them completely. Regarding third party cookies, we’d like to refer to the links provided in the previous paragraphs for potential selective, wherever possible, disabling. In the case you wish to deny the consent of the installation of cookies that are generated by our site, you need to personalize the settings of your personal computer or device. If this is what you intend to do, you need to select the deletion of all the cookies or activate a warning message when cookies are being memorized. Visit the website for more information about cookies and how they influence your navigation experience. We find it important to remind you that disabling cookies could cause malfunctioning and could prevent you from the use of some, if not all, functions or sections of the website.
Selezioni Domus Firenze s.a.s. won’t be responsible for damage caused to the user, like loss of data or money, caused by the malfunctioning linked to the denial of consent of the use of cookies coming from our site or from our partners’ websites.

How to manage cookies on your PC

To manage cookies we recommend you to refer to thebrowser developers’ websites, since these change continuously.This depends on the version of the installed software, in particular:

Acceptance cookie installation

Using our site, without making changes related to the disabling of cookies in your browser, you accept that all the cookies, including those of third parties, can be installed onto your device.

Changes in cookie policy

In order to make sure the cookie policy is always up to date, it is updated periodically. The last update of this policy took place on 02/07/2014.

How to contact the company for more information

Please address possible requests or questions about the cookie policy or the privacy policy to our staff via this e-mail address: