We work through handcrafted manufacture the brass, a precious and “warm” material that takes its shape thanks to skilled hands able to transform both plates and castings in wonderful works. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc; it is a ductile, malleable material, with a high resistance to the corrosion, has higher malleability than bronze or zinc, is harder than copper. It is used for a lot of applications, for decoration too for its bright gold-like appearance.
The various finishes for the brass are brass “vintage”effect or shiny, the different nichel finishes realized through the galvanic baths: all the finishes go very well with every kind of furnishings.
But not only the brass makes particular and very special every single piece of our collections: the thing that always makes us feel unique and sole is the very special combination of it with other such important materials:

-oak wood in black or brown (wenge');
-high quality plexiglas and crystals, clear-black-fume';
-leathers: ostrich, zebra, eel, pigskin, calf: available in different colours;
-shades: ivory shantung, lilen, black ponge' (smooth or pleated);
-real and natural horns: desert goat, kudu, oryx, zebu, gazelle, moufflon;
-cotton, linen, wool, flannel: available in different colours;
-various and real minerals: aragonite, quartz, agate, pirites, tourmaline

The interchangeability of metal finishes and materials we used, make every piece very special, fast unique in its own realization, letting architechts and interior designer personalize every single furnishings.

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